About Chester Wright Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada-based entrepreneur Chester Wright possesses more than 15 years of experience in executive management roles, including serving as chief financial officer for both Southern Ventures and SimpleSearch.com. Responsible for handling Southern Ventures’ relations with the SEC, he helped the firm transition from a private to a publicly listed company. From SimpleSerach.com’s Las Vegas headquarters, Chester Wright devised a revamped business plan that cut expenses in half, secured capital financing, and ultimately executed a successful merger deal.

Since founding Global Industry Products in 2009, Mr. Wright has served as president of a rapidly growing distribution enterprise that provides entertainment venues in Nevada and Southern Utah with single-use products ranging from printer ink toner and ribbons, to disposable gloves and trash bags. To market items in the company’s green product line, such as Buffalo Sponge, he secured a trademark on the slogan, “Environmentally Necessary.”

Through his company ACT International, Chester Wright is marketing Twisted Steel Rebar (TSR), the first substantial innovation in rebar design in close to 150 years. Having co-invented a product with the potential to save the construction and engineering industries tens of millions of dollars, he has secured patents for TSR in Eastern Europe and submitted patent applications that are under review in the United States.

Before arriving in Las Vegas, Mr. Wright served as an office manager for American Brokers in Renton, Washington. During his first two years with the firm, he ranked among Washington’s top 25 real estate agents in property sales.


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